Heraldic Mythological Beasts

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     Many mythological beasts are used as heraldic charges, many being composites of other animals.


The allocamelus has the body and legs of a camel, and the head of a donkey.


An alphyn is a wolf-like creature with a dragon's forelimbs, large pointed ears, a thin pointed tongue, and a long knotted tail.



An amphisbaena is similar to a wyvern with a second head at the end of its tail. The term is also used for a snake with a head at each end.



An amphiptere is a serpent with wings.



An angel in heraldry is a human figure with the wings of an eagle.



An apres is a bull with the tail of a bear.



A bagwyn is like the heraldic antelope, but having the tail of a horse, and antlers.



A basilisk is like a cockatrice with a dragon's head at the end of its tail.



A boreyne has the body of a dog, the horns of a ram, a spined fin on its back, a barbed tongue and a mane.


A calgreyhound has the head of a wildcat with antlers, the torso of a deer, the forelegs of an eagle, the hind legs and tail of a lion.



A calopus is a wolf, with the head of a horned cat.


A camelopard is a heraldic giraffe.



A caretyne has the body of a bull, a snout, and horns. Like the panther, the creature has fire issuing from its mouth and ears.



A centaur has the body and legs of a horse, with the torso and arms of a man.


A cockatrice has the head and legs of a cockerel, with the tail of a dragon.


Double-Headed Lion

A lion with two heads.

Dragon segreant

Segreant applies to dragons, griffins and other winged beasts in a rampant position with wings displayed.

Dragon passant

Dragon statant



The egrentyne is similar to the heraldic tiger, but it has the hooves of a goat or an ox on its front legs.


An enfield has the head of a fox, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf, and forelegs like an eagle's talons.



A gamelyon is a lion with the wings and barbed tongue of a dragon.

Griffin segreant

A griffin has the hind legs and body of a lion, the front legs, wings and head of an eagle, and large ears.


Griffin passant
Griffin statant

Fish-tailed Griffin


A vulture with the head and breast of a woman.



A dragon with multiple heads, usually seven.



A keythong (also known as a male griffin) is similar to a wingless griffin, and has flames issuing from it.



A lion with the head of a man, and horns.



A bird like a swallow, but lacking feet or claws.



A melusine is a mermaid with two tails, usually holding one tail in each hand.


A mermaid has the head and body of a beautiful woman, with a fish tail.



A merman is the male counterpart of a mermaid.



A musimon is a cross between a goat and a ram, having the horns of both animals.


The nebek is found in the crest of FitzWilliam, Earl of Southampton. It is said to be a hairy tiger, although it lacks the nasal horn of the tiger.


Opinicus passant

The opinicus has the hind quarters of a lion but a  small tail, the front legs and wings of a dragon and the head of an eagle.


Panther rampant

The panther has the hind quarters of a lion, the front legs of an eagle, and a horse head . It also issues fire from its mouth and ears.

Pegasus careering

The pegasus is a winged horse.


A bird like an eagle always shown issuing from flames.



A polyger is a lion with large horns.



A lizard issuing from flames in a similar manner to a phoenix.



A seadog has the head and body of a talbot, with webbed feet, a long dorsal fin and a beaver's tail.


A seahorse has the head and body of a horse, with webbed feet and a fish tail.


A sealion as the head and body of a lion, with webbed feet and a fish tail. 


A sphinx is composed of the head and breasts of a woman with the body of a lion.


Sphinx couchant, winged

Often the sphinx has the  wings of an eagle.

Sphinx statant, winged


Tiger rampant

A heraldic tiger is a creature without stripes. It is similar to a lion with a short horn on its nose.


Tiger passant


A theow is a wolf with the hooves of an ox or goat.


Unicorn rampant

The unicorn is a horse with the horn of a narwhal.


Unicorn careering

Careering is the same position as salient, but applied to horses.

Unicorn passant

Unicorn statant


Unicorn head couped

Winged Lion

Wyvern erect

A two-legged dragon


A yale is similar to a goat with boar-like tusks, and horns which can swivel in any direction.


An ypotryll has the tusked head of a boar, humped body of a camel, legs and hooves of an ox.


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